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God Letters
God Letters
God Letters
God Letters

God Letters

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There is so much power in writing. We are told to write the vision and make it plain and that those who read it will run towards it. Our thoughts flow through our hands and become concrete and tangible from the physical action of moving our pens on paper.

Create a special ritual of taking time to talk to God.  These letters guide you in a variety of occasions and circumstances. 


  • Cover
  • Overview
  • Today I ask You for...
  • Today I just want to thank You for...
  • Today I noticed Your beautiful creations
  • Today I felt You with me when...
  • What can I do for YOU today?
  • How can I serve others today?
  • The Love I experienced today was...
  • The Love I gave today was...
  • Today, friendship showed up as...
  • Today I showed kindness by…
  • Thanking You in advance for...
  • Today, I spoke gently to Your creation that is Me
  • How I plan to fulfill my purpose
  • Thank You for the perfect machine that is my body
  • When I just need to talk...



  • Hard Copy Stationery Set
  • Digital version for repeated use.  LETTER size PDF (17 Pages)

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